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Visual Identity System

Concept project


14 weeks


Aeromexico airline needed an identity to reflect Mexico as iconic, dynamic and passionate city, where people and places are connected. I like to create a new visual identity for Aeromexico that reflects their ambitious vision; to become Mexico as an inviting country which allows people to take a break and enjoy the city and interact with others.  



I created a new identity called 'Link Together'. It is a new identity that builds on the symbolic power of the eagle, a symbol associated Mexico that figuratively links to Aeromexico's logo. The logo is inspired by some key elements of the brand: the monogram of Aeromexico which are the letters 'A' and 'M', and the dynamic shape of eagle. The color palette represented the aspiration of Mexico city as passionate city in South America. 

Awarded Gold for Graphis New Talent Annual 2018

Awarded Gold Cube for Art Directors Club Student Award 2017

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